A Snowy Birthday (by )

This year my birthday has been a bit of a flop again - most people I invited for a gaming weekend were still too tied up with xmas or had no money left to come up because of Christmas etc...

So I rearranged things and thought I'd get to see the new 'hot stuff' guy I've found who plays music that's a cross over of say Nick Cave and The White Strips with Claire and a few others but then the snow caused most other people to cancel and in the end I canceled as Claire had an opp on Monday that I couldn't let her risk missing.

So my birthday weekend was out of the window - then worse we had run out of fuel for the fire and the water wasn't working - some very nice and helpful people from the village came and rescued us and we had bottled water (for drinking melted snow for everything else!) and fuel!

And lo!

With heat down stairs our water came back - I wonder why!

Anyway so my actual birthday Monday I spent home schooling Jean (school is still closed due to snow) and tidying downstairs which due to being were food is but warmth wasn't had become a shambles!

Al had wanted to take me out to dinner with Jean but snow forbade it and due to work commitments and Barbara's washing machine in the stable deciding to jet water everywhere - the yummy home made dinner was very late indeed.

Jean stayed up to sing me Happy Birthday and have some cake - which was infact our Christmas cake remastered - ie I stuck some candles on it!

Alaric and Jean singing happy birthday Snowman on fire A birthday table setting

She'd bought me two lovely presents - an enamald butterfly in purple and turquoise and a purfum bottle in glass and silver metal enamald black with 'diamonds' on it - very art deco - Al said she went straight for those things in the shop! She knows my tastes well 🙂

She also gave me a purple box of purple glittery and lavander gauzy hair accessories 🙂

Most of Al's presents he had giving me when it started snowing as they were all things to help keep me warm - reusable lavander and wheatgerm heat pads and a heated blanket. The difference these have made to me is unbelievable and I'm very happy he didn't wait to give them too me!

He also got me a book on Secret Societies to help me with The Punk storyline 🙂

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