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With the school still shut due to the snow I thought I'd best take matters into my own hands and so have spent the last few days home schooling Jean.

I do an hour on each of the subjects I have chosen but tend to split that hour up into three with the focus on subjects. The time table stands at:

Writing and Word Structure

Number, shape and measurements

Art, craft, cooking and technology - or - Music and Drama

Reading and story time - or - World Studies

We also have P.E. each day which is when ever the time is right and has mainly consisted off going out in the snow and sledging or building snow castles and lasts as long as Jean wants to be outside!

Of course there is also break time and lunch involved in there somewhere.

Jean's told Alaric I make a good teacher except that a real teacher wouldn't shout :/

We have also been putting her in school uniform for this as she is more likely to site still as we are 'playing' school! Al is the headmaster she decided too 🙂

I sort of hope I'm covering everything to be honest - my main concern now is that she hasn't seen any other children to play with since my friend Buko visited just before this lot of on going snow!

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