Second Generation Prototype Testing (by )

I got a my monster cards through from Moo 🙂 and have been spending an hour here and an hour there playing the game myself with my Dad or who ever's about to try and get the rules down pat!

It is being far more productive for writing than I ever thought it would be 🙂 So I think the next step is going to be getting enough money to order the timers - I have a few boxes to be getting on with and can muster dice together as well. Once I have the timers and a formal version of the rules I can start selling it. I am going to be using it at writing workshops too - but just for single person writing it works so well!

I then need to do make my website - I have permission to use the background I want and I have all ready done the graphics so it is really a matter of buckling down and getting everything in the place and linked to the correct things!

I need to do a little bit of experiment with the outer part of the packaging too 🙂 This may involve me having to print some stickers which unfortunatly will be more upfront expence :/

Still it is getting there 🙂

I am wondering if I can get all of that fitted into the 10 hours I have left to work on this challenge this month 🙂

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