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I have managed to do the 30 + hour challenge I set myself for this month - I have spent the equivalent of an hour a day working on my Monster Inspiration game and have produced some interesting pieces of writing from the testing 🙂

I still need to type up the rules - fine tune timings a bit and find enough money to order in some timers, build the website and get some more dice but basically I think I am there with at least this phase of the game!

I would like to get some more colours of monsters up and going but as they would constitute as add ons/other games they are not urgent!

I'm afraid I slightly side tracked myself with getting to grips with the concept of Script Frenzy which is Aprils main challenge! I am foing a Comic Book script for part of the Punks story. I have been story boarding this and have about 10 pages sorted so far. For Script Frenzy I need to produce a 100 page script which I am taking to mean I need a 100 pages of comic 🙂

(Oh and there is a board game designed to go with the cards for a more involved game type of game - rather than writing exercise type thing - but that is going to be quiet complicated to pull off!)

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