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Well when I came out of hospital I was 13 st, the following week I had lost 3 pounds, then by last week I was 12 and a half stone - today I am still 12 and a half 🙁 I have reached my first weight platue 🙁

But on the plus side this is weight loss with just breast feeding and shuffling around the house abit but mostly sitting breast feeding or sleeping. Come Monday I feel that my wound will be heeled enough for me to attempt walking with the crutches. I did another outing and this time did not see stars or go sideways with dizzyness on route to the car though I still got very very tired after a mere half an hour driving in the car. The wound is still weeping a little but feels much better so I really feel that I can tackle walking (with crutches) if the anemia will allow it.

I will start with our drive way and progress to going for coffees in Cheltenham. I am hoping that some walking everyday will not only help the seperated pelvis but also help me reach the next weight platoe.

In fact I have a things fixed in my head as a progress for the fitness and weight loss. First off in another two weeks I will be able to start physio. Depending on how my wound is by then I will be able to go swimming and start pilates. However I feel that starting all these things at once will take up too much time and money plus more importantly make me very tired having gone from nothing to everything so I am going to stagger it. I am going to wait to talk to the physio over what to do first.

Eventually I want to take up belly dancing but that I think needs to wait until the crutches are gone. It is also rather expensive so may have to be instead of pilates and swimming or something.

Anyway - expect more moaning about weight.


  • By Ulrike, Sun 27th Feb 2011 @ 8:19 am

    I was going to say are you not being a bit harsh on yourself? Many people struggle to lose weight after pregnancy anyway, nevermind with all your health complications.

    I am amazed you have lost case in the first place, what with you not being able to walk!

    I am sure that once everything has healed nicely the weight will drop off as I can see you going on hikes and all sorts once you are mobile again! 🙂

  • By Sarah, Sun 27th Feb 2011 @ 8:01 pm

    The trouble is the more weight I carry the longer it will take to get the mobility back but I am breast feeding so I'm not dieting but eating 'well' so the breast milk will have everything in it the baby needs! Plus I need it for wound repair.

    I just need to keep goals in mind other wise I'll just slip into apathy like I did after Jeany was born.

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