Exhibition In Braille Sneak-Peek (by )

Tomorrow Saturday 24th September 2011 sees the Exhibition in Braille a touchy feely art attraction set up by Centre Arts to raise money for the Gloucester County Association for the Blind. Tickets cost £5 and are avaliable at the doors which are open 12-7pm.

There are some really cool things there for you to touch and feel and an interactive braille table to boot!

Here are a few sneak peaks but you can not know the majesty of these pieces without actually going and feeling them!

Statue Exhibition in Braille Stone Mask Exhibition in Braille 3D painting Exhibition in Braille 3D texture paintings Exhibition in Braille Movable Blocks Exhibition in Braille

The exhibition has been put together with the blind and visually impaired in mind and as such bright vibrant and therefore easier to see colours have been used in some of the pieces and there is also a bueatiful light sculpture.

Light Sculpture Exhibition in Braille

Then we come to my piece - the giant coral I have been working on for what seems like forever!

Giant Coral Exhibition in Braille Giant Coral being set up Exhibition in Braille

Which I set up last night 🙂 Complete with beads for the molecular sand! There are also MP3s of some of my poems that I felt where a good counter point to the visual/textural piece there to listen too 🙂

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