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Parents evening - I was dreading it as Jean is being a bit of a moo at home at the moment - dismantling things, being distracted when you ask her to do something, having tantrums over getting reading for school loosing her cardigans and jumpers and things. But we get ther and at 7 yrs old Jean is 9 and 1/2 yrs in maths and spelling and the teacher said this was as high as the assement went., level 2 in litracy though the teacher thinks she isn't even trying there and I have to say having read her dinosuar piece I agree! It was the opening scene of The Land Before TIme :/ Level 2 is still above were she should be for her age. She is being helpful and socially interacting well and has a reading age of 11 and 1/2. Only thing is she chats too much in class and her and her friend keep finding loop holes in the schools work ethic - meaning they have technically completed the assingment but not really achieved what they are capable of - this is so they have more time for chatting!

She also helpfully reminds teachers when they have forgotten something or like last year corrects their grammer :/ Out of the three R's she is official better at all but maths than me, at home she is showing a rather machanical bent at the moment - which I assume is the reason for her starting to dismantle things. She has just finished Laura Ipsum which is a sort of computing introduction done in the form of an Alice In Wonderland adventure - one of the guys who came over for Chicken UK gave it too her as a presant - she is sad there isn't another one.

She is really progressing with Jujitsu and starting to really look forward to it! She is now a Yellow-White Stripe belt and at the weekend she learnt how to defend herself from thugs with pool cues - this training was done by the guy who trains the police - at her grading the other week he said she has a Tiger inside her but that she is still a bit shy at letting the Tiger out. Jean says 'I do not have a Tiger in me I have Tigress' this is from Kung Fu Panda!

She is also doing running club at the school and, choir and Beavers - the clubs at the school are mostly free which is a bonus. We couldn't afford the music lessons which made me a bit sad but at the same time I think she is doing a lot of stuff and I restricted the number of lunch time clubs she applied for as I believe she should have free time to play with other kids as that is really really important.

I am amazed at her 🙂

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