The Bitten Alaric (by )

Alaric's strange bit or rash

I was awoken this morning by Alaric crawling on his hands and knees saying, 'Wifey there is something terribly wrong, I can't stand up.'

It was said sort of jovially so I thought he was winding me up and was not impressed as I'd had a late night but he wasn't. It was as if his calves were in spasm except they weren't - I massaged them incase it was just cramp but there was no knotty muscles or anything.

He had no temperature or anything, the only thing that was unusual was the insect bites or stings or what ever they are. They are all over the bottom half of his legs and I didn't like the look of them the day before - I think they are from Wednesday when he took the cubs out for a wide game on the common but they could be from the weekend when we were amping and they have just gotten worse over the week.

His legs had been feeling weird during the night, trying to straighten them as you would for walking caused extreme pain or the panting variety. Of course the first thing that popped into my head was 'oh my god he's got lymes disease' but it looks like it is probably an allergic reaction to the bites.

So he has taken antihystamines and anti-flamatories and that should sort him out.

On a purely selfish note, apart from working out how I was going to orginise stuff if he was really ill, like children and money and hospital trips etc... part of me was thinking - why a Friday? Basically Monday and Friday are my getting stuff done days as it is a nursery day etc... it was a stupid thought but a real on none the less.

Jeany got ready for school for me and was as good as gold - as she always is when there is a crisis and the school car share people were happy to drop the kids off at school which was Al's job. I'm keeping an eye on him but am hoping that the tablets work and I will be able to go to Jean's exhibition still as she has worked so hard on it and me and Al eel these things are important - obviously if he doesn't she a marked improvement I wont go.

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