Vomo-matic and Splotchy (by )

Alaric is officially a medical mystery with his splotchy legs as the three main contenders are all things you wouldn't expect him to still be walking around with/not have a sky high temperature. Also they don't quiet look like any of them but sort of like all of them. So it could be Lymes disease, cellulitis or meningitus (or blood poisoning). They took bloods and his GP has prescribed antibiotics. The blotches are already reducing but the skin over the affected areas is all shinny and a bit well sort of dead looking if I'm honest :/

But it does seem to be responding well to treatment.

The other two things it could be are spider and snake bites though that has not been suggested by the medical people he's seem but by a wider group of 'services' friends ie police, nurses and the like who have had to deal with such things. What ever it is the treatments seem to all be antibiotics.

Also because this didn't make our lives interesting enough....

Yesterday Jeany woke up and said she felt sick but then perked up and ate breakfast and this is often the case with her in the mornings anyway. She went on an outing with friends were she proceeded to spew up all over the cafe and her friends mum's foot - ewww!

It was very hot and heavy yesterday with the impending thunder storm and she seemed fine after cooling down with head bands and what not. So we had dinner and she went to bed and covered herself up in her dovet! And so at about midnight there was the splatty sounds followed by a pathetic 'Mummy!'

So I ended up cleaning sick out of hair, jet washing the road rug and making her stand outside in the cool air outside whilst daddy cleaned the carpet in the girls room and constructed a floor bed with only a sheet to put over her. We also added a cool foot bath and a wet flannel into the mix - not all at once as you don't want to shock the system cold.

However though she seems alot better it may not be heat exhaustion and so if she throws up again today I can't take her with me to my workshops at the weekend for health and safety reasons 🙁 ie don't spread the plague!

So fun and games here! Plus I am sort of running on no sleep now.


  • By Julia, Tue 23rd Jul 2013 @ 8:53 am

    WOW Sarah - sounds like all the things have come along at once! I hope Jeany is feeling better and you can go to your festival soon 🙂

    Alaric's splotchy legs sound really awful! I saw your picture on Facebook and they look really painful. Fingers crossed for a diagnosis 🙂

  • By alaric, Tue 23rd Jul 2013 @ 9:38 am

    My legs aren't all that painful; they're like bruises, sensitive to poke but otherwise they just feel "odd". I can feel them when I'm walking, mainly.

  • By Sasha, Tue 23rd Jul 2013 @ 4:53 pm

    How are you doing today? Any systemic problems and what do your legs look like?

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