Weston Super Mare and The Yellow Sky (by )

Alaric! Don't like the sand sculptures!

We went to Dismaland thanks to my friend Becca who nabbed us the tickets - it was interesting and not as disturbing as I was expecting though Alaric reminded me not to look in the Cruel Bus - there are photos but you wont see them yet - possibly not before the end of September as I kind of think if you can you should go and if not then you can wait to see my pics 🙂 Also I've written a poem - part of my Found Poems of the Concrete which will accompany the images.

What you do get to see is the rest of our day at Weston which includes a strangely yellow sky!

Yellow Sky at Weston Super Mare

It was not sunset - the sun is up in the white bobbly clouds!

Yellow Sky and railings

Suggestions have so far been pollution and sand storm - I think the sand storm is most likely it was quiet a windy day and this part of the country actually has proper sand on it's beaches and that is more land over there in the distance!

Yellow sky and island Weston Super Mare

We also found Yoda!

Yoda Graffiti

And a tea room with only cow milk and no gluten free stuff who basically ignored us and doted on the old people who were spending £40 a pop. I was not impressed and they are not going on list of recommends especially as they do not have a sign saying high teas need to be booked in advance and informed us it's all frozen and needs defrosting. I think this may make me now an officially old person.

On a brighter note we also found some epic sand sculptures which are part of an annual festival. 🙂

Space invader sand castle building

We got to watch this guy working on a space invaders section of what appeared to be a giant gamers birthday cake!

Under water archeologist in sand

This underwater seascape was my favourite!

The reef in sand

For a start it's underwater, then it is archeology and it was EPIC!

the reef of statues in sand The Diver in sand Boat on the beach in sand Sand fish

Then there were these 3D portraits from around the world which were stunning!

Portrait in sand 4

These were really beautiful.

Portrait in sand 3 Faces in sand Portrait in Sand 2 portrait in Sand

There was an oooooook written on the walls of Dismaland and a walk around the sculptures down the road revealed the culprit 😉

The ook sand castle

He was sitting by a big book of jungle creatures.

The jungle in sand

It appeared to be coming to life!

The Jungle Book in sand

I posted it in one of the Discworld groups I'm in and several people pointed out that the Liberian does not have cheek pouches - I pointed out it was actually just the remnants of Horace's hair 😉

orangotang in sand

I also took some amazing 3D pictures which I need to work out how to get printed as I still can't afford the 3D screen idea I had when I first got the camera!

With all the photo taken, everybody else wondered off but it was ok because they found a tea party for Alaric to join in with 😉

A birthday tea?

Though he did seem a bit confused!

Alaric being confused by sand castles at Weston Super Mare

Anyway - here is a butt load more pics 🙂

King Kong in Sand Campsite in Sand Sand tent World of sand sand castle building on a different level Sand frog prince Fairy Tale Wood in sand Minion in Sand Rainforest frog in sand Camelion in sand Sand castles on a new level sand sculpture Big Ben in Sand Heart Birthday Bear in sand Koala and humpty in sand The tea party with gorilla and friends in sand Lego and Sid and the dino egg in sand The Wild Things in Sand The thistle and the flower dancing in sand Alice and the catapillar in sand Octopus comes to the party in sand From our bedrooms we dream in sand The Catipillar in Sand

I think Alaric liked this Virtual Reality guy.

Alaric and the virtual reality of sand

He seemed to be trying to strike up a convo!

Alaric finds a geek of sand

Games, and fairy tales and fiction seemed to be the theme. And the angle on this chess board is amazing.

A sand castle for gamers

And last but certainly not least - the Sand Dragon! On a horde of sand gold!

Sand dragon on a bed of sand gold

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