A Bad Mummy Moment – or the Cusp of the Teen Years (by )

Bad Mummy moment - I swore at my eldest because they were refusing to get their bike ready for a Scout cycling event as I was trying to tell the youngest that they couldn't ride their bike to the allotment - youngest took the opportunity of distraction to ride out of the garden on her bike whilst I was trying to get eldest to function and sort her bike out.

Youngest was going to that allotment on that bike regardless of what mummy said, eldest was not going to the biking thing on her embarrassing bike regardless of what mummy said. Both felt aggrieved at allotmenting because they are convinced its my hobby that I am making them help with. I'm like no growing food and knowing how to ride a bike are essential survival skills - after all when the zombs apoc hots you'll need them or iff the aliens win out electricity how else are you going to run away 😉

Youngest obviously heard the swear word because later when I was telling my mum on the phone she asked who I was telling I said "nanny" and she repeated the word - under her breath in a very grown up way :/

My Dad say's this will be a funny story along with child trying to use a shoe horn to get me off the sofa whilst I am on the phone apologiesing for for forgetting his birthday that my mum had phoned me up to remind me not to forget - littlest was doing this because she wants a cat in her bedroom and she's not allowed to pick them up and carry them because she doesn't it properly and it's not fair on the cats.

Not happy that I swore - I am finding things very difficult medically and emotionally at the moment - more on that tomorrow after the hospital appointment,

Feeling a tad frazzled = world is being hard work at the moment pretty sure I am failing at everything - so eggy French bread with caramel latte ice cream - GF whole mill bread dipped in whisked egg and dry friend and then dipped in brown sugar and cinnamon.

Eggy Bread French Style with caramel latte ice cream

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